Ghostwriters are Creative Artisans.
We Weave Intricate and Compelling Stories.


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Ever thought about being a published author? Don't have the knack for writing a book? No worries! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing novels, it’s that you can have a great idea, but it just doesn't seem to ever make it to paper. This is where I come into play.


Ghostwriting allows many people the opportunity to become an author by bringing their stories to life!


Compelling Stories

Creativity! Unconventional! Jaw-dropping...the perfect ingredients in storytelling. I live in the world of ideas & stories. Every new project is a creative challenge for me to embrace!

Authentic Storylines

Original projects are what Blue Indigo Publishing deliver. Authentic storylines are what I pride myself on creating and writing. Every project the company creates for its clients are 100% original, amazing content your readers will love.

Plot + Character

A great story is compiled of intriguing plot and character development. Cultivating a connection between your readers and your characters is how you create a lifelong reader.

Creative Writing Experience

As a published author of 18 written novels, 12 self-published novels and several ghostwritten novels, I have the perfect amount of experience to transform your idea into a full novel!

Follow along with your Project!

You don't have to wait until your project is complete if you don't want to. Read along as your project is being written. From the start of your project, you'll be added to our platform where you'll be able to follow your project every step of the way.

With our live platform, you have more control of your project and allowing us to pivot at any point.

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Communication. Customer Service.

Transparency... Professionalism... Courteousness are just a few components that are key in client relationships. Ensuring that each client feels appreciated and treated with respect are important to completing a flawless project.

There are no communication barriers between ghostwriters and clients. Client opinions are valued regarding their projects. With the live access platform, my clients are able to communicate freely about their projects.

Your secret is also safe here. Client confidentiality is the number one guarantee. We will never mess that up. You don't have to worry about anything. Only sharing your books with the world!


Need more than just
Ghostwriting Services?

Got You Covered for that Too!

Check out some other services offered that can assist you with helping to make your publishing & author dreams come true.

Editing & Proofreading

Not sure who to trust with your story after your book is completed? Let my experienced and professional editors turn your work of art into a masterpiece.

Book Interior Design

Formatting your book is equally as important as writing and editing it. My professional interior book designers can do the heavy lifting to deliver a polished finished product. Leave this boring and tricky formatting part to us, we've got you covered!

Graphic Design

Eye-catching covers are your book's first impression with readers. Let me create a book cover that will captivate your audience and have your books flying off the shelves.


Partnering with our affiliate publishing company, Blue Indigo can help you with your publishing needs. Let me handle placing it on popular platforms like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, so you can enjoy the fruits sooner rather than later.


Ready to tell your Story?

If you're ready to tell your story, then let's get started! Follow the steps below to begin the process to having your story written and published!

1. Complete the

Click the button to complete the questionnaire. This will help us gage what you're looking for and helps us better quote you for your project.

2. Request a Quote

Once you've completed the questionnaire, request a quote for your project. We'll get you a quote with 48 hours of requesting.

3. Order your Book!

Time to get started! Click the button to order your book. You an invoice as soon as you place your order.

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Questions Often Asked

You've got questions, I have answers! Check out some of the frequently asked questions regarding the ghostwriting process.

What is the fiction writing process?

My first step is getting to know you and your project. Grasping an understanding of how you want your story told is important. Which is why I start with having every potential client complete the ghostwriting questionnaire. Once that has been completed, I schedule an in-depth interview to better understand your story and plot. Once we've gotten acquainted, a quote is generated for your project. The quote will include the cost of the book, along with any additional services the client would like to incude. After the quote has been sent, if it is accepted, the client places an order for their book. An invoice is sent, along with a contract and NDA. Upon receiving a paid deposit and signed documents; the writing process begins.

How much do your ghostwriting services cost?

Each project is priced based upon the amount of words the project will entail, along with any additional services such as editing, graphic design, etc. the project will require. The minimum starting project cost is $2,000.00.

How long will it take for my project to be completed?

Project timelines are based upon wordcount. Books that are 20,000 words typically require less time than a book that is 75,000 words. Writing timelines can range anywhere between 4-8 weeks. Other factors that are considered are: project caseload, client approval of each step, and additional services purchased.. If a client orders additional services such as design, editing and formatting, completion time will vary.

Do you offer other services other than ghostwriting?

Of course! Blue Indigo Publishing offers a full-service experience for our clients to ensure their books come into fruition and end up in the hands of readers. The additional services offered are: 1. Editing 2. Book Interior Design (Formatting) 3. Graphic Design 4. Publishing 5. Outline Drafting 6. Synopsis Writing

What is your editing process?

The editing process is an extensive three part process that include editors and proofreaders. Our professional editors conduct two thorough rounds of editing to ensure your book is polished and is free of any grammatical errors. The first round is where the editors initially read through your project to check for grammatical errors, sentence structure, and story flow. The second round will be the clean up and polishing your project to deliver a final project. Once our editors complete the final round of editing, your book is transferred to our proofreaders for one last look to ensure the book is free of any grammatical errors and the story is fantastic!

What is book formatting?

Book formatting is the final step your book will go through to prepare it for publishing. During this process your book is shaped and molded so that it can be ready for printing. Our professional interior book designer will format your book to deliver an attractive interior design. Each book's interior will be set up according to the Amazon publishing standards that your book will be printed in. If you only desire to publish it in e-book format, our interior book designer will format your book to fit the Epub and Mobi files for your book to uploaded onto the different publishing platforms.

What if I don't like my final draft?

No worries. You can send back your book draft and request any changes you want. We offer 1 free revision to our clients and stay with them until they’re completely satisfied with our service. Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed to understand your visions better and incorporate your desired changes.

Are your ghostwriting services confidential?

Yes! Blue Indigo Publishing takes pride in saying that all the information and manuscripts you provide us remain strictly confidential. A non-disclosure agreement is submitted to our clients and our contractors at the time of contract signing.

Do I have to get my book edited?

Yes! Whether you utilize our editing services or someone else's, editing your book is just as important as writing your book. Although you may not have physically written your book, your name will still be listed as the author. The last thing you want is for your readers to leave reviews stating your book wasn't edited or poorly edited. Professional editing is a key ingredient to becoming a best-selling author.

Do ghostwriters receive royalties?

No. At Blue Indigo Publishing, the ghostwriters do not get paid royalties. Ghostwriters are contracted on a work-for-hire basis and receive payments from their clients upfront or as the work progresses.